Established in 1976 z-aviation services (zas) is considered one of the pioneers in the Egyptian aviation sector. In its beginning zas was dedicated to serving cargo freighters carrying Egyptian exports onwards to the European markets ; it quickly became the reliable local partner that foreign carriers could depend on. ZAS Airline of Egypt was founded by two brothers, Sherif and Emir Zarkani, as a freight airline. Operations started on November 23, 1982 with a flight from Cairo to Amsterdam to London. In 1987 ZAS was granted a license to carry passenger charter operations. Flights to Jeddah for the Hajj were begun that year and then flights to Western Europe. ZAS operated a variety of aircraft, from old Boeing 707s to modern MD-87s and Airbus A300s. during this period, z-aviation was the handling arm for all its flights. This unique set up allowed us to gain vast amounts of experience unparalleled to others. Today zas has extended its services to include north and south sudan in addition to the UAE covering the vast geographical locations of the middle east and the continent of Africa.

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ZAS is constantly striving to complement its customer airlines success. We understand the importance of prompt, safe, flexible and cost-effective support. Therefore, we pride ourselves in providing efficient and professional services, and an ability to consistently achieve and maintain the high standards expected by our airlines clients. We believe that this pride, along with the reputation of the clients that we represent, is a valuable drive to keep us continuously improving and adjusting to the changes and demands of this vibrant and ever developing industry. Our efforts include extension of services, geographical expansions, technological adaptations and image updating aimed at. “Complementing the Presence and Success of Our Clients”